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Insurance Policy & Group Number on Card

Insurance Policy Number Lookup & Example


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Many people ask about where to search the insurance policy number and insurance group number on card, even some of the insurance agent already explain, otherwise you probably forgot to ask about it. At here, we provide you with an easy way to lookup insurance policy number and an easy example of insurance card format to use.

Usually, most of insurance companies write the policy/group number on card pretty clear, so the customer easily found it. If you do not found it yet, the policy number is usually called on card as ID number, policy number, patient number, health ID number (health insurance), or something similar with it. Then, the group number on card usually says the same (GROUP).

However, since there are so many insurance companies and insurance types, you may get confused. In case you are getting worry to pick wrong number, policy number comes with more characters than group number. The following is an example to show you the easiest way to determine whether it is insurance policy number or else, group number.

Insurance Policy Group Number on Card


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